Robert Schwartz – Your Soul’s Plan (Video)

von Thomas

What happens in between lives, if there would be rebirth? This is a topic tackled by hypnotherapist and writer Robert Schwartz. Using spiritual media, he asked a lot of people, being in the process of regression, about plans made by their souls in the spiritual world, before their life started.

Surprisingly, especially the most extraordinary and challenging troubles or crisis often seem to be planned, usually according to agreement with souls they meet, which they probably knew due to previous lives. This way a karmic learning process takes place, that shapes up the soul life by life. In the interview with Thomas Schmelzer, the writer talks about his work and his conclusions of life’s meaningfulness.

Here yo can see the interview in german translation.


Since his spiritual awakening in 2003, Robert Schwartz, originally a freelance journalist and marketing expert, deals with researches of „Life planning before birth“. This author and instructor is internationally in great demand, he offers self-awareness workshops and individual, spiritual mentoring.

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