Wai Turoa Morgan about her Life as a Maori shaman (Video)

von Thomas

In this interview, made at the MYSTICA Kongress „Der Neubeginn“, Wai Turoa Morgan talks about her Life and her works as a Newseeland shaman.

Wai Turoa Morgan comes from the Maori tradition and is a Shaman and Matakite (seer). As a Matakite she was born with a gift. Wai has the gift of clairvoyance. This is her specialty, which helps her to diagnose problems. For over 35 years Wai has been travelling around the world. She is a teacher, Spiritual advisor, healer, medium and medicine woman.

WaiimTextWai has a loving and earthly approach towards people: „I don’t heal people with a bad knee. I heal the reason why this person was vulnerable to get a bad knee in the first place. Many of you carry pain in your genetic memory. This is what needs to be healed. I can contribute to, if you want, coming back in contact with your missing parts. I bring myself as a person and take my ancestors with me. I use the knowledge to work with your spirit and heal you in a conscious and knowing way.“

Foto: Hagen von Deylen

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